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When it was founded at the onset of the 17th century, the village (at 635 m) was chiefly the home of forest and later also of glass workers. The village houses are scattered over the valley of the Říčka (Little River) and Hluboký (Deep) Brook, and the slopes of the Zakletý (Enchanted) and Anenský (Ann’s) Hills. Thanks to its altitude, a modern ski-lift, its favourable position and length of ski runs and good system of applying artificial snow, the Ski centre at Říčky is one of the foremost skiing areas in the Czech Republic and one of the best in the Orlické Mountains. The fairytale emblem of Říčky bears the image of Rampušák, the modern spirit of the Mountains, who is Princess Kačenka’s assistant. With lots of snow in winter, the amount of work grows and so Rampušák is there to help Kačenka. He is a friend and advisor to skiers, the Mountains rescue Team and to skiing schools. It is more than just symbolic that Říčky, a place offering ideal skiing conditions, chose Rampušák for its emblem.ricky




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