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Orlické Záhoří Print E-mail
Orlické Záhoří Print E-mail
The community next to the Czech-Polish border crossing of Mostowice (at 680 – 745m ), joins together several villages: Trčkov, Bedřichova, Zelenka, Jadrná, Kunštát v Čechách and Černá Voda. There used to be times when the frontier was almost non-existent. In other times, however, it was strictly guarded. There are many legends about smugglers who used to live, and often lost their lives, here. They would smuggle whatever was needed at the time. And, it is smugglers, three of the cleverest ones, who have become the fairytale patrons of Záhoří. The lovely landscape, marshy meadows with a great variety of protected species of plants, the protected growth of the Orlické Mountain spruce, a chance to enjoy fishing or hunting, very good conditions for down-hill and crosscountry skiing, all of these are the reasons for which you will be happy to return to this place. You will appreciate the spirit of the calm nature, its beauty and solemnity. This idyll is perhaps only disturbed by stags in their mating season. Though, even this is worth coming and listening to. You are always welcome.orlickezahori




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