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The village of Kounov lies on the confluence of Zlatý (Golden) and Hlucký Brooks, at an elevation of 445 m. The place, severely hit by the 1998 flood, is now proud of its system of protection structures built above the affiliated village of Hluky. The restoration of their homes and improvement of the surroundings are just a few of the activities of the villagers over the past few years. Today, you can come to the village for recreation and sport; in winter there is a ski chair-lift and tended skiing tracks. Some of the buildings are protected as National Heritage – a timbered former school and a farmstead. In the village part, Šediviny, you can see the remains of a stronghold. A long shirt or a cloak of vapours, a large head with a wide mouth – that is the patron of Kounov, a Wild Man of the Woods. He gets a little confused, but would harm no-one, just give you a little fright, just to keep up appearances. You don’t believe? Well, come to Kounov and see for yourself.kounov




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