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Bačetín Print E-mail
If you travel from Dobruška to Deštné v Orlických horách, in the Náchod Upland, you will get to the village of Obec Bačetín, 465 m above sea level. Originally an old Slavonic settlement, together with the settlement of Sudín, it used to belong to the estate of Bačata. It was the first among the villages in the foothills to introduce electricity in 1930. You can enjoy lovely walks and biking trips in its neighbourhood. However, beware of the “Bačetín will-o’-the-wisps”, as it is believed that once you’ve seen them, you will never forget them. All seven of them are tall slim fair-haired creatures with beautiful, wonder-stricken eyes and their bodies, rising from the mist, never touch the ground. Sometimes they choose to tell a wayfarer the way, sometimes they lead them to the moors. So, let us wish you only pleasant encounters, and you may believe, there is no shortage of these in Bačetín. bacetin2




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