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The village of Dobřany lies in the north-east of the Orlické Mountains, at an elevation of 630 m. Back in 1361 it was the property of the Lords of Dobruška. You can find the remnants of an old castle from the 12th century on the wooded steep headland rising above the left bank of the Zlatý (Golden) Brook. It remains a mystery why a castle was built in the middle of the Mountains. It may have served as a resting place for merchants travelling in caravans along a trail beside the Zlatý Brook. The village’s patron is the Knight Drslavic, who appears in different forms and whose chief aim seems to be to guard a treasure. There used to be a timber church in the 14th century, which was replaced by the Baroque church of St. Nicholas in 1738. Please note the timbered vicarage (1776), visited by the notable Czech figures, F. V. Hek and M. D. Rettigová. Moorlands and a spring area are just outside the village where rare species of plants can be found. Today, the village is popular for its car races, motocross and moto-skijoring competitions.dobrany




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