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You will find the village of Ohnišov (420 m) at the foot of the Orlické Mountains, in the valley around the confluence of three brooks. The name of the village is derived from fires (oheň) that were used to give warning great many years back of approaching danger or of merchant caravans passing over the thickly wooded mountains. So, no wonder, that a little lively and cute fiery imp, reminding us of the great past, has become the village patron. Two dominating features of the village are a neo-Gothic church dedicated to St. Cyril and Methodius and Masaryk’s school on the hill opposite. Note should also be made of the cross to mark the abolition of manorial labour. A notable person born in the village was the writer Pavla Buzková (1885 – 1949), who set her novels in the local environment. You will find peace and quiet in the surrounding lovely woods. And if you come on the last Saturday in April, you can participate in the traditional march called “Gypsy Roaming” (since 1975), which even little children will enjoy. It would bring them into an enchanted forest and they might even see the little fiery manikin.ohnisov




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