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The first known mention of the village (560 m) dates from 1542. Its inhabitants were peasants, shepherds and charcoal burners. It was their duty, when snow started to thaw in spring, to participate in rafting, just as other people living along the Zlatý (Golden) Brook, which springs in Sedloňov. In the 18th and first half of the 19th centuries, namely flax growing, weaving and trading in cloth flourished. Later, manual work was replaced by mechanical, concentrated in factories. And it was in Sedloňov, that the first skiing competition ever held in the Orlické Mountains took place in February 1897, which marked the beginning of winter sports as well as the onset of tourism in that area. You will admire the well-kept timbered cottages, the timbered vicarage as well as the Baroque All Saints’ Church in Sedloňov. It is also worthwhile to see the gallery of Jarmila Haldová, artist and wood-carver, who has given a shape to the figures of Princess Kačenka and other fairytale patrons of towns and villages. And the one of Sedloňov can be quite mischievous. He is “Polák“ – the mountain wind that blows from Poland and sometimes comes from even as far as the North Pole. A chronicler of Sedloňov wrote a great many years ago that in February 1805 there was such a snow storm that the local school had to be shut due to too much snow and wind. And similar naughty tricks are played by “Polák“ quite frequently.sedlonov




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