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The former weavers village (at an elevation of 517 m) lies in the Náchod Upland, north of Dobruška. Up to 1848, it belonged to the manor of Opočno. Now it is part of the Rychnov District. In the charming country around the Olešenka valley with wooded slopes and hills offering unique views, you will find preserved mountain cottages and homesteads. Masons used to live there, who augmented their income by spending their evenings weaving. And indeed, there were ninety-four looms in Janov in 1879. No surprise, that in 1947 a weaving co-operative was established. And what is worth seeing in Janov and Tis, which belongs to the community – St. Joseph’s Chapel, a chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a wayside cross and a World War I memorial. There is also a congregational house of the protestant church of the Czech Brethren in Tis. Janov has two patrons, the beautiful daughters of an old water sprite. They often used to visit the tavern, and were wonderful dancers, light as a feather. However, they were betrayed by Jirka, the son of the village Mayor, and nobody has seen them since. Who knows, you might be the one to spot them.janov




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