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At an elevation of 480 m, the village lies at the foot of the Orlické Mountains, on the road from Dobruška to Nový Hrádek and Olešnice v Orlických horách. In the Middle Ages (1446 – 1646), iron ore was sought and mined in its neighbourhood. The village grew up around the shaft of a mine, and no wonder there were soon tales about kobolds or goblins who are still said to inhabit the ground under the Orlické Mountains. Not far from the village, there is a place of pilgrimage, Rokole. So, it is not surprising that the village chose kobolds to be its patrons. The earth around Bohdašín is still full of iron. According to a legend, “Boh dá šín” was the greeting used in the old times by miners. The shafts no longer exist and only some of the locals could show you where the passage to the underground used to be. You will also enjoy the nature around the village, and if you come in August, do not miss the traditional contest of firemen; you will find it inspiring.bohdasin1




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