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The village of Sněžné lies in the northern section of the Orlické Mountains, at elevations from 540 to 738 meters. There are records of Sněžné as part of the Opočno estate in 1544. The brook, Skutina, running through the village, is called after the highest peak in that part of the Mountains as it springs there. Lower downstream it creates a set of three ponds and then, below the village, it flows into the little river Olešenka. Besides walks into the beautiful forests and to the fort Skutina ( 1939), tourists admire the well-kept timbered cottages from the second half of the 18th and the 19th centuries. The national heritage protected village magistrate’s house, a former weaving manufactury, bears house number 1. In 1961, more than 2500 coins were found there. They were the so-called “white money” of Bohemian King Vladislav II, deposited there sometime before 1216. The building is currently used as a mountain hotel. If you come across a white fox on one of your strolls in the Orlické Mountains, beware it might be the one from Sněžné. The fox serves Princess Kačenka herself, and has become the fairytale patron of Sněžné. And take it as an honour, the fox is said to bring you good luck.snezne




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