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Nový Hrádek Print E-mail
In the Náchod Upland, at the foot of the northern section of the Orlické Mountains, lies Nový Hrádek ( 417 – 674 m). You will know it from afar by its tall wind-mills that make it quite clear that there is a “wind” farm at the top of the hill called Šibeník. The first written records from 1362 make mention of Hrádek as a parish village. The village experienced a boom towards the end of the 13th century when the Frymburk castle was built. You can still see its remains. In 1425, Hrádek was raised to the status of a town and has been called Nový (New) Hrádek since 1736. The township (which regained the title in 2006) is rightly proud of its Baroque Church of St. Peter and Paul (1721 – 1723), a column dedicated to the Virgin Mary standing in the middle of the square (1747) as well as a stone fountain (1864). Other sites worth mention are a war memorial, a line of commemorating crosses, little bell towers, wayside crosses, as well as many picturesque timbered and semi-timbered houses. Thanks to its geographical position, Nový Hrádek is an ideal starting point for trips on foot or bicycle, and skis in winter. Those who are keen on winter sports can also enjoy a stay in the ski area, Panská stráň (the Landlord’s Slope). Should you meet a strange sprite with a big nose, almost a hooter, and with only four fingers on his hands, do not be afraid. That would be Frymbulín, the industrious, just and clever patron of Nový Hrádek, who asks for no reward for his work, just something good to eat. And do you know what he likes best? The speciality of the region – a good mushroom soup. He harms no-one who is good, but he and his friends can make life really difficult for scoundrels and rascals.novy_hradek




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