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The village (at 620 m) lies in Northeast Bohemia, at the foot of the Orlické Mountains, almost on the Czech-Polish border, below the vantage hill of Strážnice. When the weather is good, you can get a wonderful view of the Krkonoše Mountains, the table mountain Ostaš, Klodzko in Poland, and the peaks of the Orlické Mountains. The emergence of the village is connected with the top of the highest hill, Strážnice (691 m). It was a significant place in the early days. During the reign of the Czech Kings Přemysl Otakar I and II, the border area was guarded by Croats. They established the first settlement next to a stream on the slope of Strážnice. The first written mention of Borová dates back to 1445. A brook, Borovský Mezní, flows through the village. A unique feature of Borová are houses built from timber blocks or logs. We should also mention two national heritage trees – a large-leaved linden and a common ash. You can also see the remains of a stronghold. Borová gained an important place in the modern history of the country,when in the difficult years of 1935 – 1938, it became one of the key points in the defence frontier fortifications. The fairytale patron of the village is an old soldier and his dog and you must read the legend to learn more about him.borova




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