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At the foot of the Orlické Mountains, in the romantic valley of the Zlatý (Golden) Brook, you will come across the pretty village, Podbřezí (at 323 m). The first documented written mention is from 1380 when there was a stronghold and a farmstead built at the site of the present chateau. The village was inhabited by small tradesmen with farming background. In the 17th century, there was a large Jewish trading community whose members had their own school and synagogue. And the last remains are now a Jewish cemetery in the woods, where tombstones are from the 17th century. A landmark is the chateau Skalka, last re-built in the 18th century. The chateau’s chapel is still used for exhibitions. The most notable figure of Podbřezí was Msgre Pavel Rozínek (1867 – 1923), an active propounder of the Czech National Revival and chaplain in the Skalka chateau chapel. Another significant person born in the village was Josef Hynek (1928 – 1994), a musician and composer of brass-band music. In his slow waltz “At the Golden Brook” he expressed his love for his birthplace. It is not only the variety and high number of social, cultural and sports events that prove that the title Village of the Year, 2006, in the Hradec Králové Region was rightly awarded. And now it is your turn to try to find out why Podbřezí chose Helenka Mladotová, the beautiful daughter of Knight Mladota of Solopysky, as its patron.podbrezi




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