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Olešnice v Orlických horách Print E-mail
At an elevation of 560 – 850 meters, close to the Czech-Polish border, you will come to the mountain resort Olešnice v Orlických horách. The first written mention of Olešnice dates from June 11, 1354 and it is kept in the archives of the Prague Castle. Olešnice was raised to the status of a town in 1607 by Emperor Rudolph II. The natural surroundings of the town, meadows with many protected and endangered species of plants, one of the highest peaks of the Orlické Mountains, Vrchmezí (1084 m), as well as two border crossings make Olešnice an ideal place for a peaceful holiday. This is emphasized by its abounding cultural, social and sport life. And you will not fail to notice a hunting lodge of the Trček family of Lípa (17th century), the Baroque church of St. Mary Magdalene from 1705 (formerly made of timber - in 1503), a pillory (1718), a number of religious masterpieces – especially Utz’s mechanical nativity scene (1910 – 1944). Winter sports lovers can enjoy the Ski centre, where they can make use of two ski-lifts, ski-hire service, a car park and also get refreshments. The King of kobolds, one of the closest friends of Princess Kačenka, the ruler of the Mountains, has become the fairytale patron of the town. He is a very friendly creature, he would rather help than harm. If you happen to see a silver hammer with a gold shank, he would be near. He is a fan of all those who come to Olešnice to compete or just relax.olesnice




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